Lake Computer Repair

Lake of the Ozarks

Virus and Spyware Removal and Protection!

Signs that your computer has been taken over by a computer virus, spyware or adware. Are you infected?

  • Your computer becomes sluggish and runs slower than normal.
  • Your computer crashes or blue screens and restarts unexpectantly.
  • Your computer locks up or stops responding.
  • You are getting a number of popup windows while on the internet.
  • Programs on your computer don't work correctly.
  • Printing fails to work correctly.
  • Your homepage for Internet Explorer has changed not by your choice.
  • Your Disk Drive is continually running when the system should be idle.

So you think you may have a virus, trojan or spyware? Viruses,trojans & spyware can be very tricky to get rid of and it often takes a number of scans from multiple utility programs to make sure that they has been eliminated. At Lake Computer Repair, we enjoy the challenge of beating up on the newest virus. trojan & spyware outbreaks and we provide the best protection possible to keep your systems safe and running at peak performance. The Community that we support on a daily basis can feel safe as we provide preventative protection to keep those annoying viruses, trojans and spyware from entering their computers or network in the first place.