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Data Recovery

Are you unable to run some of your programs?
Are you unable to start Windows?
Are some of your folders empty that should be full of files?
Are you unable to access files on a CD, DVD, floppy disk, flashcard, or memory stick.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, some your data is probably missing or corrupt.

A data loss situation is usually characterized by the sudden inability to access data involving a previously functioning computer system. This may be caused by a virus that deleted data or reformatted partitions.

If you receive the following error message “Missing Operating System”, it usually indicates that a virus has infected your master boot record or partition table. In some cases it may be caused by a bad CMOS battery that defaulted your BIOS setting.

In some cases, data loss is due to a bad CD, DVD, floppy, flashcard, memory stick, or a failing hard drive. Most hard drives will emit a light mechanical hum that a user may notice under normal operation. An indication of impending failure is when the normal sound changes to louder ticking or grinding noises. This symptom may precede actual data access problems as the hard drive utilizes spare sectors.

We can restore many file types that was lost due to a virus attack, a power failure that caused a system crash or files that were lost due to a software failure.

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