Lake Computer Repair

Lake of the Ozarks

Cleaning Care

The inside of our Computer's get dirty, just like our homes, cars & everything else. Computers have internal fans that suck air thru them to help keep the internal components cool. In the process they suck dust, dirt, lint, hair & many other small particles into the Computer. As a result, the parts inside become covered with dust, lint, ect & can cause the parts to over heat. Thereby shortening the life of the part & causing them to fail. Computers need to be cleaned internally approx. every 6-9 months. It is an easy thing to do. "Lake Computer Repair" can assist you with the cleaning or do it for you. We normally remove a side panel from the computer & use a Shop Vac with the hose reversed so it blows.We then carefully blow out the inside of the computer, processors, power supplies, fans, ect. If you do this, it will help extend the life of your computer.